Serious Games Summit Report


Serious games are coming of age. As the price of technology drops and computing power increases serious games move from the mainframe and into the office and home. To discuss the possibilities the first Serious Games Summit was held in Washington D.C. on the 18th and 19th October 2004 receiving over 500 attendees with seminars covering games for schools, the emergency services, the military and society.

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Education is the New Black


Under its Royal Charter the BBC exists to provide information, education and entertainment. The BBC almost sees educational and public service broadcasting as one and the same thing. In the totality of its output both are hard to define, which makes evaluating the BBC’s educational position difficult. As with the public service broadcasting debate the edges are blurred.

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The BBC: use it or lose it
Reflections on the BBC’s case for Charter renewal


The BBC is not like other tax created benefits, such as education or defence, which are headline election issues where there is a clear societal need for them. The BBC is more a societal desire, and consequently is stuck between being a good thing that deserves appreciation, and the illegitimacy of being a consumer item that is inflicted on us. It is this fear that in a free world the BBC may not get chosen that drives the BBC to look for rhetoric and market research to justify compulsion.

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Party Political Broadcasting


In 1998 the Committee on Standards in Public Life (the Neill Committee) claimed that cable and satellite television would ensure that the current rules on party political broadcasts (PPBs) “may soon no longer be relevant.” Six years and one general election later, irrelevancy is looming. Digital television threatens to liberate the captive five channel consumer, forcing PPBs to move from a five channel captive audience into competition for attention across the full digital spectrum.

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A report on Sky and Freesat


Sky’s free-to-air move is a land grab; its aim is to get the 50% of the market that is still analogue, before anyone else. For Sky, success will depend on how many Freesat customers they can persuade to take premium packages and services. However, the potential consequences of Freesat are wider than the battle between Sky and Freeview.

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A paper on Public Service Broadcasting

The following is written not just for OFCOM where much thought has been given to the nature of public service broadcasting but also for those newer to the debate. It is a primer in all senses of the word, introduction, undercoat, and maybe ignition.

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